Pibbles CBD 100 Percent Donated To Rescues

Every Dog
Deserves a Home


Donating 100% of our Profits

Over the last 10+ years my wife and I have saved 12 dogs and volunteered at a handful of local rescue organizations. If there’s one thing that each organization has in common it’s that they could all use help. Our commitment to donating 100% of our profits is our way of doing our best to lend a hand. It’s why the company exists, it’s what motivates us to work hard, and it’s a very important part of our mission at PIBBLES. We are proud of our company and want to be as clear as possible when we say “Donating 100% of our Profits.” It’s not a sales gimmick that we came up with just to sell more CBD. We are serious, no BS, and will be documenting each donation as proof.

When we say that we’re donating 100% of our profits, we mean everything that’s left over after operating costs are covered. Every dime that isn’t spent on running the company will be donated.

It’s going to take a while to get the ball rolling. PIBBLES is a new company with very affordable CBD oil. Because of this, our first few donations will be relatively small but with your help, they will get bigger and bigger over time. Every bottle of PIBBLES CBD oil sold helps us help them. Our initial goal is to increase sales to a point where we can donate $5,000 to a rescue organization in need. That would make a HUGE difference. With your help we can make this goal a reality.

Please take a minute to check out our CBD oil. Read our lab reports, our testimonials, our reviews, and if you have any questions about the products, the company, the owners, or our mission, feel free to send us an email at info@pibblescbd.com or call/text us at 1-800-945-1774. We’re available 24/7/365.

Thank you for your interest in PIBBLES and our mission to help rescues in need.